About Us


My name is Marc Detesan, and I’m here to help improve your Microsoft Excel skills.

We can work together in a few different ways:

  1. We can customize a training program to cover the skills you want to improve
  2. You can leave it to me and I’ll train you on the most valuable skills for everyday use
  3. We can work together on custom projects and turn your idea into a reality

I’ve worked for a few large corporations and I find it incredible how much work still happens using Microsoft Excel. The common applications include reporting and analytics with the ability to automate the process. You might hear about Business Intelligence, or “Exception-based Reporting” which sounds awesome, but the reality is businesses will never be able to rely on those solutions alone because there will always be a need for “needs-based” analytics whether for mini projects, business cases, or even temporary reporting to track a project status.

Some of the things that I have used Microsoft Excel for include:

  • Automating a data extract from a database, automatically running an analysis and generating a report
  • Automatically open, read, interpret multiple excel files, generate a final report, and interface with SharePoint to upload files online
  • Complex analysis of large amounts of data including use of pivot tables, complex and embedded formulas
  • Analytical insights to support business cases for various projects
  • Generate reports and project status updates
  • Create charts to display trending insights and automatically update as new data is available

No matter what, I have seen first-hand how useful it is to know how to use Microsoft Excel really well!

Don’t wait, start today!