Explanation of the PRODUCT function

The PRODUCT function will multiply the numbers that you provide as inputs. The image below shows the arguments that the function is asking for:

  1. At least 1 numeric input (required)
  2. Up to a total of 255 numeric inputs (optional)

Note (values ignored): logical values (TRUE or FALSE), text values, and empty cells are ignored by the function.

The safest option is to pass the function only a range of numbers, however you also have the option to use the MULTIPLICATION mathematical operator which in Microsoft Excel is the asterisk * symbol on your keyboard. An example formula would be =2*5 which would give you 10.

Back to the PRODUCT function, the syntax is shown below…

PRODUCT Function_1

There are a few different ways you can input values:

  • Single Cell (would just return the same number)
  • Multiple cells selected individually
  • One range of cells
  • Multiple ranges of cells
  • Number values typed directly into the function
  • Named ranges
  • A combination of the above (separated by commas within the function)

In the image below I have manually named range B6:B7 as ‘product_range’. The last formula is calculating the PRODUCT of ‘product_range’ which is the same as multiplying all of the numbers within B6:B7 (in this case 4*5).

PRODUCT Function_2


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